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Capital Plays Festival- opens tomorrow!

I had the last rehearsal for the play I’m directing in this festival- Reality of Faith- this morning.

I arrived at the Mac straight from a gym session and so a bit flustered but we got straight down to a run… in the first floor changing rooms.  The five plays in 5×5 were all written as site specific pieces so it was great to finally get into the space to see how it would work. Luckily it was fine!

The play works so well in the changing rooms.  It’s a bit echo-y but I quite like that as it means the actors can bring their voices right down yet still be heard.  It really forces the actors to work with each other in a confined space; there’s certainly nowhere to hide!

My two-strong cast of Hal Julius Geller and Jenny Stokes have worked so hard as they’re also involved in other plays in the 5×5 series.  They’ve had so many lines to learn and so many rehearsals to keep track of, I can’t wait for the performances to start so all their hard work can pay off!

By the end of the rehearsal the play was looking and sounding REALLY good so I’m very happy!

Everyone should try to come and watch at some point!

The Capital Plays Festival opens tomorrow (24th) and runs untill the 27th.  There is LOADS going on, lots of really exciting and innovative new work from new playwrights.

The 5×5 project specifically is on from 2pm-3pm, starting in the Foyer of the Mac from 24th-27th May.

Here’s the description from the Captial Plays webpage:×5

Students from University of Birmingham’s MPhil Playwriting Studies course present five short plays inspired by society, community and current events performed in site-specific spaces within the MAC building.

Where from here? by Jonathan Lloyd

On his Return by Abigail Rahman

The Reality of Faith by Lucy Hayward

Emergency Exit by Martin Gulbis

Acceptance by Madeleine Levy

From the clearing out of the family shed, to a mother waiting for her son’s return, to a world where drugs are legalised, 5×5 explores questions, concerns and the ethics of modern-day society.

Performed within an hour, these five short plays give a taste of Birmingham’s new writing talent.
Come and follow the journey through the space and experience five different perspectives from the one same city.


Please come along and support the emergence of these wonderful new talented writers 🙂


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